The tree stands solitary
Undisturbed by the violent wind
Buds emerge at long last
The eternal winter has ceased

The tree stands solitary
Young leaves blow in a summer breeze
The sun breathes life and warms the earth
The youth of summer is at hand

The tree stands solitary
Leaves change colors with age
The wind blows until all have touched earth
Dead leaves stain the ground in fall

The tree stands solitary
Naked as the snow violently falls
Burying the dead leaves underneath
So is life

The tree stands solitary


Forced Down

Never chose this path of sadness
Born into this vessel into madness
Throwing stones
Breaking glass thrones
Loose yourself and inhale the gasses


Whilst the snake sheds it’s skin
Leaves crumble and crack
Whilst the bear comatoses
A cloud becomes quiet

Seconds are endlessly fleeting
Slipping from grasp like grease
Illusion fuels the engine of time
The clock tower has fallen


We are undeserving of the air we take for granted
This cage we so foolishly named “mother”
Toxic smoke fogs our thoughts and engulfs our third eye
We are alone now, for all the stars have vanished

Metal birds light the melancholic night sky
Barely visible through the eerie fog of ignorance
The fall of man masked by the march of progress
In the end the dark will resemble the beginning


Falling through the cracks of a dead society of fools
The tired warrior sheathes his sword
The time for bloodshed has expired
Yet the human condition remains a parasite to its host

This vile creature screams in agony
Hate flows through the mans restless soul
Consuming itself from the inside
All that will remain are brittle bones


Smoke rises
Cherry brightens
Forgotten Crisis
Whiskey rain

Senses Deafen
Illusions Blending
Mind mended
Whiskey rain

People Losing
Failed Students
Still Boosing
Whiskey rain


woke up today at six
passed out on the floor
muscles not listening
at least I’m not sad today

never made it to work
should’ve been a blessing
losing my patience
restlessness is all I feel
at least I’m not sad today

slept all day but can’t now
maybe I’m an insomniac
like the rest of my generation
why couldn’t I be born a dog
life could be so simple
at least I’m not sad today


Friends come and go
In the wind they blow
Reaching for the top
But they pull you down like rope

You know
Life was never good to them
They knocking on your door
Thinking you can bring some food to them

They don’t eat
Hell they don’t sleep
These people are vampires
Cold skin quick feet

Can anybody hear me
I am the champion
You can not get near me

Approach this one with cation
Cause even though I’m fine now
I get upset often