Projection is perception



His heart beats once daily
Finding comfort is isolation
A river of life used to flow here
Now this place is barren

Denying offered hands
Hatred consuming his heart
Escape is unforeseeable
The grave is all but filled


Its about those moments
Where you feel truly alive
Induced by love, fear, connection
Or simply good conversation

You can push the world away
And hide until it passes by
But that smile you wear is weak
You know there’s more

Isolation temptation
Unbearable fear in belonging
Why do we need this toxin
This hypnotic desire to be


I am but a solemn wave,
on my long venture to the sand.
In this ocean I was erected.
When I reach the beach I’ll fade.

I am but a silent wave,
spectating gulls in search of food.
I leave no mark as I pass underneath,
unnoticed from entrance onward.

I am but a satisfied wave,
as I glimpse upon the shore.
Nothing accomplished on the journey.
In the end I didn’t exist at all.

I ain’t happy. I’m feeling glad. I got sunshine in a bag. I’m useless. But, not for long. The future is coming on.



Pouring sugar on this polluted wasteland
The sunlight reaches into the holes of the mask
False hope to accomplish impossible tasks
This unflinching wheel ignores the dirt underneath

Debate until their lungs are like raisins
Rocky shores await those on the cliffs edge
Hearts cry out in eternal exhaustion
Drowning with unperceivable rescue


Spinning on a rock
A great sphere of life
Soothing a tired soul
Ants screaming to heaven

Smoke your opiates
Shed your soft wool
Sedate your pain friend
Comfort in distractions

I could blow your mind
Have you pinching comfort
As we gaze into the midnight
And sit amongst the gods

We picnic on the tree tops
And watch the yellow sunrise
As we fade to silhouette
And reach into the darkness

No wisdom in the afterlife
Cursed damned and dead
A short tease of finite pain
Live your days in terror

Throw it all away friend
Burn your world to ashes
Drown your beating heart
Until it cries out for love

And what is love my mystic
Oxytocin, dopamine
Electromagnetic impulses
A beautiful fleeting chemistry